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There are three documents to look at before you make your booking. How much will it cost? (Hire Charges); What are the Terms and Conditions? (You’ll want to know what your responsibilities are!) and How to make a booking (The Booking Form).

How Much Will it Cost?

Download the Hire Charges Sheet here.

What are the Terms & Conditions?

Download our Terms & Conditions here.

The Booking Form

Download the Booking Form here.

3 Pricing Examples

A Coffee Morning for a Local Charity

Coffee Morning

You run a local charity and want to hire the Lower Hall for a coffee morning. The event starts at 9am and ends at 12 noon. The setup is half and hour before and after.

As you are serving coffee, mouth watering bacon butties and and delicious home-made cakes, so you also want to use our well equipped downstairs kitchen as well.

Room Lower Hall


Number of Hours 3 hours for the event
1 hour for setup/breakdown

3 x £14.20

1 x £7.10

Extras Use of the Kitchen 1 x £10 £10.00
Total cost £59.70

Do You Want to Run a Coffee Morning in Silsden?

The good news is that the Friends of Silsden Town Hall, a registered charity ourselves, recognises the good work of other local charities by offering our concessionary rates! Which means more of the funds you raise at your coffee morning go towards your cause.

Silsden Town Hall is a popular venue for coffee mornings in Silsden. We’re right in the centre of our town on Kirkgate.

You get full use of the kitchen too. So get frying those bacon butties!

A Training Day Run By a Local Business

Training Day

If you are looking for a meeting room in Silsden, Keighley, Skipton or Ilkley for your local business, then our meeting rooms are ideal for up to 20 people. 

We’ll lay out the room in the style that complements your training goals. Silsden Town Hall is ideally placed for local businesses, right in the middle of Keighley, Skipton and Ilkley. 

Room Meeting Room Calculation Cost
Number of Hours 7 hours for the event
1 hour for setup/breakdown

7 x £14.20

1 x £7.10

Extras Teas/Coffees  1 x £6 £6.00
Total cost £112.50

Planning a Training Day in Silsden, Keighley, Skipton or Ilkley?

You will receive a very warm welcome at Silsden Town Hall, and just as importantly excellent facilities for a training day.

A training day at Silsden Town Hall Meeting Room starting at 9am and finishing at 4pm is a cost effective choice for local businesses who want to train their staff.

No need to worry about parking, Silsden has plenty of roads nearby for road side parking just a short walk from the Town Hall.



A Wedding Reception and Party in the Ballroom

Wedding Reception

Every wedding reception will have different requirements, so we will take time to understand what you want and provide the setting for your very special day. Choosing Silsden Town Hall for your wedding reception provides a very memorable place to entertain and celebrate your wedding reception in Silsden.

Room Meeting Room Calculation Cost
Number of Hours

7 hours for the event

4 hours for prep/clear

7 x £14.20

2 x 7.10
2 x £12.05

Extras Staff Charges (8 hrs)
Sound & Light System
PRS for Music
Bar Counter & Glasses
1 x £25.50
1 x £2.25
1 x £10
Total cost £324.65

Celebrate Your Wedding Reception in Silsden Town Hall

There is good news for local brides and grooms. We offer our concessionary rates to local people getting married and then choosing to have their wedding reception at Silsden Town Hall.

In this example, the evening starts at 4pm on a Saturday and runs until 11pm. The wedding reception package also includes the cafe/bar area adjacent to the Ballroom. You’ll get access to the most spectacular sound and light system around too.