Jigsaw Festival

This exciting new event is planned to take place at the town hall Saturday 13th April.

We are looking for volunteers to help the event run smoothly and also jigsaw donations (500 piece ideally).

Kyla Brox

In September 2018 Klya was crowned the goddess of British blues by winning the UK Blues Federation’s Blues Challenge at Worthing Pier. The classic blues “At Last”, long in Kyla’s repertoire, now takes on a whole new meaning for her fans.

High on Harmony

Featuring Jester B and The Haley Sisters bringing you their renditions of classic songs. A superb local harmony show. 

The Friends of Silsden Town Hall

The Friends came together in 2015 to promote and support this multi-purpose hall which has stood at the heart of our town for over 130 years.

Having recently been brought up to 21st century standards by a £300,000 renovation programme from Bradford Council, this handsome Victorian venue now combines local heritage with modern facilities.

Our aim, as Friends, is to ensure its continuing role as a vibrant community centre, reflecting the cultural and social needs of Silsden.



You can find the Town Hall on the Main Street of Silsden. Our address is: Silsden Town Hall, Kirkgate, Silsden BD20 0AJ.


Silsden Town Hall
BD20 0AJ


Call us on 01535 959561




Follow us on Facebook @Silsdentownhall

A Survey of Silsden Residents

Survey Results 2018

What Do You Want From Silsden Town Hall?


The Friends of Silsden Town Hall is a small charity that from April 2019 is running the Town Hall in Silsden.

One of the first things we wanted to do was ask Silsden Residents what things and activities they wanted in the Town Hall.

242 residents contributed their ideas and opposite is the summary of the things mentioned to the Friends.

In May 2018, we discovered what you wanted. But as time passes, you may come up with new ideas. So please get in touch with us with your ideas.

The Town Hall is a brilliant space. It is OUR space in Silsden. And it is for all residents. Whatever age, however long you have lived in Silsden.




If you have the skills to contribute to the running of the Town Hall, please consider becoming a volunteer.  There are lots of roles and we’ll make you feel very welcome as part of the team.